Flight Attendant Qualification Test

Airlines qualify candidates who apply for positions as flight attendants with this test.

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Test Description

Passing this flight attendant test is your best chance for having a flight attendant career. Today, all airlines and aviation workforce agencies use flight attendant tests to determine if candidates will be accepted as flight attendants. Based on the hundreds of thousands of attendants that have found jobs with airlines, the science of selection is very precise for jobs in flight. This flight attendant test identifies the strengths and weaknesses you bring to working as a flight attendant. Flight attendants need to have special personalities. They need to be extroverted (E), reactive (N), and open to new experiences (O). If you have all three of these traits, you enjoy traveling and are healthy, apply to any airline and you have a very high chance of being hired. Flight attendant vacancies are common during expansion years. All airlines have a pool of pre-qualified flight attendants who have passed the careers in flight test and also have other necessary qualifications for a flight attendant. The results to this test are compared to others who took the test of the same age and gender, however, to score perfectly on this test you need the following Big Five Assessment Test result: E+N+O+ which is a score in top 30 percentile for Extroversion, Neuroticism (reactiveness), and Openness to Experience.

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