Big Five (FFM) 50Q Personality Inventory Very Short Version

This version of the Big Five Personality Test is short and measures 5 major scales (called facets here) of your personality. For more accuracy take: Big Five 120Q Inventory

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Test Description

The Big 5 is the Gold Standard of personality profiling. Almost all the serious psychological tests available today derive the essence of their test from the Big 5. Whereas many psychological tests look at very narrow slivers of someone's personality, this one looks at the big picture. It estimates the individual's level on each of the five broad personality domains of the Five-Factor Model. The description of each one of the five broad domains is followed by a more detailed description of personality according to the six personality facets that comprise each domain. Note however that this version of the test is too short to show the detail required to look at the 30 facets, you need to take the 120 question version to see the fine detail of your personality. The 120 Question version is located here:

You can look at these results and tell many interesting things about who you are, what you like, what careers would fit you well, and yes, even the type of person you should seek in a romantic relationship.

To obtain the best results on this test, don’t think too deeply. Your top of mind thoughts are the best. You should never have to spend more than a few seconds on most questions. DO NOT try and make yourself look good on your answers because that will falsify the results and work against your interests to discover who you really are. - Copyright © 2006-2014