Administrative Assistant Test

An Administrative assistant must take care of details and still see the big picture ? Do you have what it takes?

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Test Description

Businesses need a person to manage their incoming people traffic and re-direct calls to the appropriate department. They are looking for individuals who are comfortable handling these tasks as well as someone with the right personality to be the fresh face of the business. If your test results show that you qualify in these areas, you will work well in an administrative assistant position. If your test results show that you score low in these areas, this desk job may not be the best career choice for you.

This test also includes a Big Five Personality assessment. At the end of this test, which should take less than 10 minutes, you will receive two test results. The Big Five Personality assessment will explain in detail the reasons for the results of the test you have chosen. All our test results are free and can be used to help you in all your relationships, selecting a profession, or just learning about what makes you the person you are. The results to your tests can help you in your current relationship, or if you are not in a relationship, can help you find a very compatible match.

To obtain the best results on this test, don’t think too deeply. Your top of mind thoughts are the best. You should never have to spend more than a few seconds on most questions. DO NOT try and make yourself look good on your answers because that will falsify the results and work against your interests to discover who you really are.

If you are already a member of and you have already taken the Big Five Assessment, the questions on this test will pertain only to the personality characteristics required to become an administrative assistant. - Copyright © 2006-2014